Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Drawings About Buildings

View out a New York Window
ink and watercolor pencil

Crackerbarrel Alley, Northampton
watercolor pencil

Shelburne Falls
watercolor pencil

I have become addicted to the Urban Sketchers blog. Inspired by the art I see there, I pitched an idea at the elementary school to teach an Urban Sketchers class to third through fifth graders for the Spring term. I am so happy they approved it! And that some kids signed up! I have been scouting local locations -- to which the students and I will walk each week to sketch. I have also been looking at some of my sketches of buildings and city scenes from my sketchbooks. Pending permission of the artists and their parents, I hope to post some of the drawings we do. Stay tuned.

In addition to the Urban Sketchers class, I will be teaching a Drawing from Life class to third through fifth graders, and an Intro to Making Comics class to kindergarten through second graders.

Happy Art! Happy Spring!



Hayley said...

Otis is pretty stoked about the comics class, Ina. Last night I suggested that he get out some comic books that he loves and copy some pictures for fun. He got really into (Legends of the Mouse guard--brilliantly illustrated). First thing this morning, he made a beeline to his sketch book and was working away. Made me proud and happy!

ina said...

This makes me very happy, Hayley. I'm looking forward to a great class.

batguano said...

Nice job Ina. And you have fed my Talking Heads earworm. :-\ ;-)

Libby Spencer said...

Great sketches and what a great idea to have a class for the kids. You so rock Ina.