Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy and Water Balloons

I am finding myself less and less comfortable with the big religions.

Easter at our house is only candy and water balloons, and that still felt like too much yesterday. I don't know where the balance is for me and for my family. Even though the girls and I had some pretty funny conversations this past week about leaven and Jesus rising, I still feel like I am validating myths by acknowledging them at all.

Of course, we also watched Easter Parade and Summer Stock yesterday, so we had some of that love-at-first-sight myth to dissect.

As my smart friend, Hecate says, "Patriarchy. You're soaking in it."



Marian said...

i'm with you, ina.
our easter was candy and eggs and baby animals and springtime.
and now i wanna watch some musicals!!

ina said...

We have a lot of musicals you can borrow, Marian!