Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Is Rolling In

Though only a little snow fell here this weekend, it finally feels like Winter is rolling in.

The cold air felt good on my face this morning as I scraped the ice off the windshield.

Windshield art was born, like many of the things I invented, to console a baby. It probably started back when I needed to keep the baby in view. I would buckle her in her car seat first, then go scrape off the snow and ice. To keep her entertained, I drew pictures in the ice with the scraper.

Now, my 9yo and 7yo, who could play in the yard or wait in the warm house, instead get in the car and watch eagerly for the pictures to emerge as I scrape each window. We are often in a hurry in the morning, and I sometimes think it is silly for me to be drawing, even though it doesn't really take much longer than regular scraping. Then I assure myself that when the girls are grown, they are much more likely to remember that their mother drew pictures in snow and ice than that they were a minute or two late to school from time to time.

What art will you make today? What memory?


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