Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pan Cookies and Coffee Grinder

Since discovering that my oven was broken last Monday night, I've had a cookie sheet full of sugar cookies waiting on the back porch for something to happen. The repair folks aren't due until next Monday, so I decided to try cooking the cookies in an iron skillet on the stove. It worked out pretty well. I frosted them, then the girls and I gobbled them up.

In other news, my friend is looking for a manual coffee grinder. I love mine. It was a gift several years ago from my friend Kate. I haven't seen any like it online. One of the things that makes mine especially nice is it's easy to hold as I wander around the house in the morning grinding my coffee. Anyone know where to find one?



Anonymous said...

Ina, they're still out there. Googling brings up the usual suspects (walmart, Amazon, etc) but also some specialty stores.

friends of mine of had a heavy duty manual grinder that's lasted for years. Can't pick up and grind but they love it (think it's iron or something).


smoke said...

cookies & coffee