Thursday, December 17, 2009

Night and Day

The most popular supper this week?
Boiled baby potatoes, steamed broccoli, dark kidney beans

Breakfast this morning?
Whole wheat toast with peppermint frosting!

My oven has been broken since Monday night. When I called the appliance store, the earliest repair appointment they could give me is next Monday. I whined, "But it's Christmas!" with visions of sugar plums (or really, sugar cookies) dancing in my head.

Not to mention pies. And roasted vegetables.

As I thought about it, and as I continue to wait, I realized it doesn't really make a lot of difference to our family if the holiday baking happens this weekend or next, or even three weeks from now. While I love the idea of people all over the world celebrating the turning of the wheel of the year, with all the different religious and secular holidays they choose, I don't feel that infamous holiday scramble and pressure. The closest to pressured I feel is the need to find a place in my small house to move a big piece of furniture so there is room for the tree.

I am grateful.

The girls and I walked into town last night to visit a porcelain doll that the 9yo likes. The girls wanted to carry candles. So they did. As we walked, we started singing. When we got to the enormous lighted tree in the park in town, I realized we had been caroling, living a holiday tradition in our own way, spontaneously.



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