Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning Light

morning shadows

Each year when Halloween rolls around, I find myself cleaning and arranging the house--well, specifically, the view from the front door. Visitors who know me do not use the front door, so it's hardly ever opened. On Halloween morning, I spend some time creating a tableau. Then I check it from the front porch. Yes, I know that most eyes at the door on Halloween are only seeing candy, but I still set the perfect scene. This year, I decided to hang paper to hide the mess in my art studio (created in the former front room).

This morning, when the extra daylight streamed in, it created some interesting shadows.

julia and the typewriter

And here are some scenes from this morning's ride. I was halfway into this intersection when I realized it looked a lot different than it did last week.

one week later

not sure what this is about (there's a fez in there)

Happy Full Moon Monday, all.


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Anonymous said...

I do the same thing in our front hall. :)

The Kenosha Kid said...

Spooooky shadows!

Rebecca said...

I wonder if Drudge is a reference to Matt Drudge of the super-conservative Drudge report, whom I actually knew as a child!

smoke said...