Friday, November 27, 2009

Pie and Cake

Thanksgiving Pie

A little apple.
Maybe a cup of blueberries.
Maybe a half cup cranberries.
Juice of a meyer lemon, plus zest.
Fresh grated ginger. A little honey. Some cinnamon.
And a splash of some weird maple whiskey and some fancy pear brandy.

Butter/flour/water crust with a bit of bacon grease, too.

Most of the fruit went into the pie

And there was enough leftover for cake today

I made it very similarly to this cake, except instead of cornmeal and pecans, I used the fruit. Instead of flour, almond meal, and oats, I used one cup corn flour and one cup coconut flour. I used a yogurt, apple cider, milk blend for the liquid (and it needed much more than one cup). I did not put any spices in the batter this time, because there was a lot of spice in the fruit.

I also made pumpkin bread with chopped dark chocolate bars today

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xan said...

still trying to wrap head around the words "coconut flour", which I do not think I have ever seen in conjunction with each other before.

you clearly have access to much better grocery emporia than I do. And much better culinary imagination as well. It's not fair, you artists get all the fun.


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where you is?