Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Who are these guys?

Tonight was a glorious night.

Warm, misty, blustery.

Leaves everywhere.

No costume malfunctions.

Big kids who could walk the neighborhood easily.

A treat.

A memory.

Update: Without the photo credit, there was some confusion. The dia de los muertos folks are from the White House celebration pictures, found at HuffPo. The picture didn't say who they were. I wish I had seen them, too, m.heart!


Robby said...

The Dia de La Muerta guys DO look great! And so do Stella and Iris! Pictures of the adult trick and treaters???

m. heart said...

Oh, fantastic! I wish I had seen those Dia de La Muerta guys when I was in town (I was there in the afternoon and again at night). The kids were just starting to fill Main Street as we were headed back home to prepare...