Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am enjoying reading this book

When I was looking for some new graphic novels to read a while back, this book passed my thumb-through inspection in the shop, so I bought it. I didn't know what to expect, only having this book from Peter Kuper in my collection. It turns out, Stop Forgetting to Remember, is laugh-out-loud funny. At least for me. At least for now. [Full disclosure: I also find Kafka laugh-out-loud funny.]

I am completely identifying with the main character's trajectory into adulthood (though he did many more drugs than I did) and parenting. This morning, when I could barely drag myself out of bed to get the girls ready for school, I read a few pages describing his new father days, and laughed enough to get up to face the day.

These are the pages that gave me the strength to get out of bed laughing
(it was also a good place to stop, 'cause it's the end of a chapter).

I am enjoying the art, as well. I particularly like recognizing shops and buildings from my New York City days of youth.

I am also thinking of two friends from my community as I read, NTodd and AndyG, who recently became new fathers. I think of their partners, too, of course, ERG and E (yes, I think she has a blog, too, but I can't remember where). It's just that, since the main character in this book is male, the birthing and parenting scenes are from his perspective. Since I'm a single parent, I do both parts (smiley face here). The following two pages, in particular, made me think of the boys.

With all of the daily drawing I'm doing, and all of the graphic novels I've been reading, life has begun to look a lot like a comic book. Here is a little comic relief from my own life from yesterday. No, I don't always ask the girls to help me off with my boots, but I did yesterday, and they were happy to oblige.



smoke said...

those look like MY boots!


Anonymous said...

those adorable girls never screamed like the baby in the cartoon. I refuse to believe it. :)

ntodd said...

Yeah, I suppose Daddy's POV is a bit different! And I have to say that after seeing your wonderful girls and reading things like Operating Instructions, I just don't know how I could ever pull off what you did. You rock.

ERG said...

I've thought a lot about you in the seven weeks. While I didn't know you when you were sleeping on a futon with your newborn, I see the gorgeous, vibrant girls today and am in awe of you. Can't wait for our meeting IRL.

Thanks for the link. :)