Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Tarot

The High Priestess

In the depths of the forest, you meet the High Priestess on the path, her snake coiling around her neck, moving from the source of her sexuality to her right hand and passing over her heart, symbolizing the wisdom she offers that comes from deepest inner knowing. Her familiar, a blue-eyed temple cat, lies at her feet, symbol of the mystery and devotion contained in silence. Power sparkles all around the priestess as she stands on the ancient forest path. Her gaze invites:

Come, learn the ways of magic... surrender to the wisdom that is within you, as I have done... open to the unseen, and come naked to the mysteries...

Tarot card from Lunaea Weatherstone's deck found here.

Some key questions, found here.

* Am I listening to my inner voice?
* What secrets are being kept from me?
* Am I connected with my higher power?
* What secrets am I keeping from others, and why?
* How can I more clearly understand my life and purpose?

The girls today, in one of my favorite trees

Another one of my favorite trees
(the water was quite high today)

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