Friday, January 23, 2009

Writing it down.

The 6yo has begun to write. And such a lovely start.

25 Random Things About Me

(This meme is going around facebook, and I got tagged. I wrote a list of 25 things, and now I find myself editing it endlessly.)

1. I like to make pie. Pear-blueberry is my current favorite.
2. I wish I had some pie right now.
3. My tub drain is still frozen and the words "standing water" enter my head when I go in the bathroom.
4. Worse than the tub drain being frozen ('cause I can bail it & it's not that bad taking a shower standing in inches of icy water), the washer is frozen and I can't go this long without doing laundry, so it looks like the 'mat for me.
5. I grew up in southern California. My mom still lives in my childhood home.
6. Growing up, I preferred the beach at night, and spent many hours up on lifeguard station M watching the moonlight on the water.
7. When I visit my family now, I want to spend as many daylight hours in the ocean as I can.
8. Whenever I float in the ocean, Atlantic and Pacific are the two that I've tried, I like to close my eyes and picture a map of the coastline and water. I imagine a little dot in the water representing me. What?
9. I started a girls flag football league for my school district in elementary school. Yes, I played center. And yes, there is a great photo in my yearbook of a kick off with the ball long flying away and my finger still in holding pose.
10. In high school, a friend in MGM with me decided he would make up awards for each of us in the group so that we would all have something to add to the awards section on our college applications. I received the Paul Klee Humanitarian Award, and was quite proud of it.
11. I am an artist. I have sometimes thought that discovering at a young age that I share a birthday with Picasso had something to do with it. Recently, clicking around the 'net, I read on someone's blog (I don't even remember whose), that she had a similar thought. Now I wonder how many of us there are.
12. I loved it when Brian O'Doherty, a professor of mine in college at the end of the last century, remarked that in the near future Picasso would be referred to as "that 20th century artist."
13. Dancing to live music is one of the top five physical pleasure in life for me.
14. I thought one of the top five physical pleasures in life was the same for everybody. However, when I was in a mother's group with eight other women, all of them married to men, I was shocked by how few of them put sex in the top five. One woman even asked if reading counts as a physical pleasure.
15. I've never been married, but...
16. I *do* love to read. I'm embarrassed to say that most of my reading these days is online.
17. I miss books. Curling up in bed with a laptop just isn't the same. Yes, I know what you're thinking -- I miss that, too.
18. Legend has it that, as a child, I walked through the neighborhood singing, and all the neighborhood kids followed me around.
19. I am still amazed that I started a band (as a woman over forty with two young children), that a bunch of stellar professional musicians volunteered to be in it, and that we got to play at the Iron Horse. We opened for Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys the first time and the Wilders the second time.
20. I am also amazed that my first out-of-town gig, and biggest crowd ever, was playing solo at EschaCon08, in Philadelphia. Thank you, NYMary.
21. I am enjoying seeing all the photos on facebook.
22. I don't think you're supposed to edit these lists, but I'm doin' it anyway.
23. I would like to invent, if it hasn't been invented already, a family-size all-season pedal car that stores energy as you pedal and taps that energy to help you motor up big hills.
24. I have a fantasy of closing the highways to cars one day a week and folks enjoying vacations that take them slowly across country by bicycle.
25. Insomnia does kinda mess with me, but I do love these quiet hours.


m. heart said...

i've been tagged for this on facebook too...for some reason i'm finding it rather difficult. don't you find it hard to be out here in the hills (especially in the summer) when there are perfectly nice oceans to play in elsewhere? after moving to this area from rhode island, i still find the lack of sand and salt water (and clamcakes) very difficult!

ina said...

i do miss the ocean and i can't get enough of it when i'm out in cali.

i've been looking at your friend's blog, magpie's beads, and it's been making me miss living in the city. i even used to swim at coney island.

m. heart said...

for me, the city is a siren that's been trying to draw me to her island for as long as i can remember. if i don't accomplish any of my other goals, i hope i'll at least fulfill my dream of living in new york city someday, even if it's not forever.

ina said...

i've had a very hard time picking a place to put down roots. i went to college in new york and worked there for a couple years, so i thought i'd had enough, but lately...

...and then there's vermont, italy, california (coast & mountains), the cape, new mexico, and... and...

northampton has a lot of what i want in a place to live, if i have to pick just one place (though it does feel like it's getting too big).

fwiw, i saw the photo of your mantel on your blog and that says 'home' to me.

Libby Spencer said...

That was one of the most interesting lists I've ever seen done of that meme.

I never got anyone to sing, in fact they would pay me not to, but I did used to organize neighborhood carnivals in my back yard.

ina said...

thanks, libby!

i wanna hear you sing!

Libby Spencer said...

LOL. Believe me when I tell you that you don't want to hear me sing.