Monday, January 26, 2009

I'll follow the sun

Early morning sun trying to get into the neighbors attic.

As far as I know, my neighbors only use their attic for storage. Their very large house is in the morning sun's path, and often my first glimpse of light when I put up the curtain is this fire in their attic. This picture doesn't do it justice, but I have no upstairs windows facing that direction. I imagine an artist and model up there taking advantage of the chiaroscuro!

I moved these globes to a safe spot while I was organizing the girls' room yesterday.
The sunlight found them here.

I love all the seasons. Yes, winter, too. I love snow and snow activities. It is true, though, that in winter I seek the sun as often as I seek shade in summer. Maybe more, because sunlight in winter, and its play upon snow, is so beautiful.

This tree, so lovely bare in winter, is also our shade in summer.

The sun is shining this morning. I hope it's warm enough to thaw the frozen bathroom tap. This is the one thing that has been hard about this winter for me, trying to keep this hole in the ground heated.

At least I got some new copper bling...


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