Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This beautiful cake inspires me to create art.

I am an artist. I think there are few people in my current life who know this about me. I started this blog back in April because I want to help that part of me come out of hiding. The blog name, Unbound Confine, is the title I gave to a book of photographs I created for a an alumni art show at my college in New York some years ago. At the time, art was everywhere in my life, but I was looking for babies. Now, I have two beautiful children and I am looking for art. Do you think that balance might be a theme this year? When I read this post by Hecate the other day, it spoke directly to me, because "this time of year is about introspection," for me as well. So I went to Lunaea Weatherstone's generous online sharing of her wonderful tarot deck to choose a card for myself. I got this card.

2 of Air

Yes, balance is going to be important this year.

Wow! When I just went to Lunaea's site to copy the link to post here, of course I had to take a moment to choose a birthday card. This card seems perfect for today!

The Wheel of the Year*

In the middle of typing this, the morning is still and quiet. It's dark outside. Then, my birthday begins the same as most other days: a voice from the other room, "Mama, what time is it?" "7:03," I answer, hoping that the 8yo can stay in bed a little longer. Oh, she has added a new line to the dialog, "Mama, can I type something on computer?" "Not now," I say, not yet willing to relinquish my computer or peace, "It's still dark outside and we don't have to get up yet." I am pleased that the 8yo is very interested in writing, it is an interest we share. Early in the morning, though, I'm not very social. Balance.

Well, it's taken me long enough to write this that both girls are now awake and hollering demands that I come open their curtain, come get their dinosaur off the floor of their room to give to them while they linger in bed. Yes, I reminded them that it is my birthday and so I get to have a little more time in my room. Now the 8yo has shouted that it's not my birthday, it's a regular Saturday, and is singing, "Happy I hate you to you..." A few minutes later, playing her role in the family drama, the 5yo sings, "Happy love day to you..." Balance.

Happy birthday to me.

Yes, this post is all a ploy to encourage sympathy so you'll buy me presents!

Update: What Lunaea said.

Update II: *The Wheel of the Year is a major arcana card, so this will be an important year for you. For me, the Wheel of the Year is about riding the seasons, experiencing the changes, going with the flow. Sometimes you're going to be up, sometimes you're going to be down, but the important thing is to be present whatever is going on. Where is your Higher Self? What does she want to get out of this trip around the wheel? Can you breathe into her?


Thank you, Hecate.

Lunaea Weatherstone's beautiful tarot art found here.
Cake art found here.


Libby Spencer said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns Ina.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, indeed.


sidhra said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the rain.

derbes said...

Best wishes, Ina, and I hope you have a terrific birthday!

U can haz cake!

Dirk Gently said...

happiest of days, my friend. another year of you is worth celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday, Ina, and rock on...
Hey, I was in White River Jct the other day, and saw the cartooning college - it looks cool. (In the building of an old department store that's been gone for years.) And although it has a few decades to go to approach say, Northhampton, WRJ looked far less ooky than it was when I was a kid. (STILL wouldn't send my kids to Hartford, tho....)
your pal.
Bill Buckner

Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Hoppy birthday!

Anonymous said...


Stitchinwitch said...

Belated birthday blessings to you. I know my online friends are some of the best I could wish to meet