Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What We Talk About When We Talk About Names

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We know a lot of men named James. So there's Uncle James, Jim, Jim--Matthew&Amelia's dad, JB.

Then there's Bec and Rebecca. Pedal Katy and Katie--Finn's mom. There's Dave from the Music Store; Dave from Arcadia; David from Vermont; Fancy Dave.

Now we've started calling our baby magnolia, "Maggie." This is the first time we have to distinguish between a tree and a friend.

The girls and I take a tour of the garden every morning and evening these days to mark the rebirths and blossomings. Several times a day we remark on how lovely Maggie is getting. Since the naming is still new, one of us inevitably thinks first of the first grade friend of the 7yo. Then there are garden giggles at the confusion.

Just as we nurture and treasure our friendships, we nurture and treasure our garden. May they continue to grow and flourish.


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HARE said...

Beautiful lighting and these magnolias. ^^