Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Bouquet

For some reason, I don't often cut flowers from the yard to bring inside. Now that my porch is a fancy mansion (translation: clean), I thought it would be nice to add some flowers.

I'm having a lazy Sunday so far. I just want to lay around reading and writing, but the garden is waiting for water and weeding, the girls are waiting for pancakes. There's a beach to conquer and groceries to procure.



m. heart said...

i often forget to bring in flowers too. the bottles on the mantle are partly to remind me...
we are a bit behind the valley up here - the iris's are budding but not blooming yet. the false indigo is just beginning to share a little color.
i've been working on a "songs for spring" mix cd and am determined to share it with friends before spring is officially over. i started burning cd's last night but have to wait till i'm back at work with a nice printer on tuesday to make the covers. someday you will find a copy in your mailbox though! then i need to start on the summer mix!

Dirk Gently said...

oh noes! you killed them!

[just kidding, as you well know)