Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Blooms

A friend gave me this hydrangea plant as a housewarming gift ten years ago. The nursery tag attached read, "will never turn blue." I read it as a warning, like, "don't worry, this won't turn blue." I thought that was odd, because in my limited gardening experience at the time, I thought everyone wanted blue hydrangeas, so turning blue would be a good thing. After thinking for a minute, I realized it meant, "don't try everything you've ever heard of to turn this hydrangea blue, 'cause it ain't gonna happen."

I planted it in the front of the house, in a protected spot (which the tag said it needed), but it didn't bloom at all the first couple years. I decided it wasn't a sunny enough spot, so I transplanted it. That first year after moving it, I got one very pale pinkish white blossom, and congratulated myself on doing the right thing. The next year: no blooms. The year after that, one. So I decided to give this plant some space (ie, I kinda ignored it). With one exception: I had read that plants like coffee, so I started dumping my coffee grounds in the garden, alternating between the rose bush and the hydrangea. Year after year, no blooms, and the plant only grew a little (caffeine stunting it's growth?!?). Then, with help, I pruned the forsythia and lilac nearby to give the hydrangea more room. The plant seemed happy. Finally, this year, three flowers. I guess you'd call them purple, but they're almost blue.

Somehow, this is a parable for my life right now.
Still not quite sure what it means...

And even though this song doesn't have much to do with it, I'm very susceptible to earworms, and have given myself one (I share).



Marian said...

it's the acid content of the soil that changes the hydrangea color. you made it more acid, i think, with your coffee! good job.

turtlememoir said...

I love your hydrangea story, and that you see the whole as a parable for your life. Personal parables surround us, longing to be noticed. And thanks for "Almost Blue" - I forget between times how much I love Chet Baker.
BTW, I think Unbound Confine as a blog site title is brilliant.

Shauna said...

waiting with love brings the best
results - but oh the waiting.

ina said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments.