Friday, February 4, 2011


I think this is a beautiful picture, a peaceful human quilt.

Then I see the other images from Egypt of men armed with rocks and other weapons, wounded and bloodied. I see the men in military garb, and other men in their makeshift helmets, like boys playing war. And while part of me is carried along from my safe spot where I live in this mock democracy (de-mock-cracy?), an honored internet guest, on the mythic ride to battle: Good vs. Evil, another part of me sees a scene as absurd as stealing Erno's nose. While I have to believe in something (don't I? don't I have to hope and work for change?), I am so wary of all these men and their gods and their battles. Even the president of America is puffed up with prayer, walking with god.

I wish their backs were bent in humility and humanity.


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