Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lemon Ginger Scones, Part 2

I made lemon ginger scones last Thursday to say thanks to a friend for helping with my computer. They were so delicious, I made some more yesterday! I used this recipe, with slight modifications (surprise): I used about a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger instead of the crystallized ginger, and I used a yogurt/milk blend instead of buttermilk.

I also didn't bother with the egg wash because I'm not a fan of that sort of thing and I'm lazy. When I made them yesterday, though, I did make a simple lemon icing (powdered sugar & lemon juice). Yum. I also used the zest from two lemons this time, instead of one, to make them extra lemony. And next time, I will either use a lot more ginger, too, or perhaps skip the ginger and try some sort of lemon lavender scone. Or lemon blueberry. Lemon almond. And on and on.


xan said...

Looks great, Ina! A question: you said it needed either more ginger or less/none at all/some alternative. Do you think that the ginger flavor was overridden by the extra lemon? Or are you or some member of your household not that big a fan of ginger anyway?

I love it in some applications. The local salvage store had a time when they got in ground ginger in squeeze tubes and I stocked up. Fresh ginger is v. expensive, only available at Walmart hereabouts, and dries up & withers before it all gets used. The tubular stuff, therefore, rox. :)

Thanks for the receipt. It will go in the Perpetual Email File of Atriotic Recipes, as soon as the server decides to let my email passwords work again. Why AT&T would outsource such a vital function to Yahoo of all places is beyond me... (shakes head, spits).

ina said...

Thanks, xan.

Yes, I think you are right: the extra lemon-ness probably overpowered the ginger. We all love ginger here, so I'd like to try it with more to see if that can balance the extra lemon. Or I could do a combo of fresh ginger & crystallized ginger for more concentrated bites of flavor. As for cutting it out altogether, I was just stream-of-consciousness-recipetizing! I could just as easily gone on a where-can-ginger-w/o-lemon take me journey. All are good paths :-)

And you're right about the trickiness of having ginger around. I am intrigued by this tube idea of which you speak. In fact, that may've been my problem: on Thursday, it was fresh grated, but then I stuck it in the freezer to keep it from spoiling and/or drying out. Grating frozen ginger didn't work nearly as well...

VforVirginia said...

FWIW, candied ginger is shockingly easy to make, and has to be 1/10 of the cost of buying it. You can google a recipe for it (you think *you're* lazy?) and make some pretty quick. Keeps extremely well.

We keep peeled ginger in a jar of sherry in the fridge. Lasts forever, and when you finish the ginger you can use the sherry in a stir-fry. (We're both pretty wild about ginger.)