Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proofreader Wanted

I don't usually buy paper towels. I don't know if it helps the planet at all, especially since I do buy kleenex (a lot). As I have been living the past two weeks without running water (a blog post in itself, which I hope to write sometime after the plumber's visit today at 1pm), I have been a little loose with my inconvenient truths. I bought an 8-pack of supermarket brand paper towels for various uses. It only dawned on me later that I could've at least sought out a green brand. As it is, I've only gone through two rolls, so I feel a little less guilty.

Why is she telling us this, you may be asking. Well, the first roll had pictures of kitchen utensils decorating it. The 6yo became quite fond of one I gave her at supper one night and has continued to keep the same one at her place at the table. The second roll has kitchen action words (ie, verbs!) written on it. When I began to read it with the girls, I noticed there were two and a half mistakes (the half is because the word in question can be a verb, but I don't know anyone who uses it as one, do you?).

Can you spot the mistakes?

(click photo to enlarge)

Who's proofreading paper towel text these days, 'cause that seems like a job I could do from home!


xan said...

I assume the ambiguous one is "marinade," and I too am willing to cut some slack on that. "Pickle" would have been easier as I have the 19th century cookbooks to back up the verb/noun usage on that.

"Beet" is right out though. Let us just give thanks the author was writing paper towels and not masturbation manuals. although the visual of purple-stained appendages might provide entertainment, it would be hard to explain to your audience. :)

A Tabla Rasa said...

Someone will be beet red about using marinade instead of marinate - they should have put their text through a grammar sieve, eh?

ina said...

indeed, xan.

well done, A Tabla Rasa!

Ali said...

beet? marinade? I figured it out before I looked at the comments, btw. :)

m. heart said...

printed overseas, no doubt about it!

Dirk Gently said...

oh, grate. someone beet me to it. that's the weigh it goes - you roll the dice and mix it up, take your cut and try and stay out of the stir. things will be better next season, though - i sieve very good times ahead.