Monday, December 22, 2008

Ornament Sentiment

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Here are some of the memories I celebrate
when I decorate the tree.

The red bicycle was one of the first ornaments I bought myself years ago when I decided that I was putting down roots in this town, so I needed to start building traditions.

The two beautiful and delicate green ones my mother sent to me in two separate years to help me build my collection. Another year, she made the pine needle star.

The glass and gold spiderweb is from my sister, who loves Halloween as much as, and scary things even more than, I do.

My father bought the ice cream cone to represent himself on my tree, when he made his first visit with his first grandchild on Thanksgiving eight years ago (he loves "coney coneys"). It was an especially good visit for us because we often disagree about TV viewing (I don't watch. He does). His visit took place during Gore v. Bush, and we were both glued to the TV in his hotel room. I truly appreciated his greater knowledge of historical context, especially regarding all the players who participated in the drama.

The hand-painted wooden star was made and given to me by my close friend Sharon in 2000, to celebrate my daughter's first Christmas. Sharon made ornaments each year for her holiday gifts. They would become even more precious gifts to me in the coming years. Sharon had brain cancer and died 2 January 2003. My older daughter knew Sharon for two years, but was too young to hold any memories. My younger daughter was only one month old when she met her on New Year's Day 2003. Sharon was already in a coma and she died the next day. Now, each year when we decorate the tree, as we find the ornaments that Sharon gave us, the girls ask me to share stories about her.

The skelly hand was made and given to me this year by someone I've never met, someone who I count as a member of my online community. It looked beautiful when I wore it around my neck at Halloween and it looks perfect on the tree.

The other day I read that this new friend is having a hard time this season. I wanted to send her something to let her know that she is in my thoughts and to thank her again for the creative inspiration she gives me.

For Suzie.



Anonymous said...

I'm going to hold you to that promise.

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday tomorrow. I am going to be 53.

F. Alex Johnson said...

Very nice Ina.

Thank you.

I miss Sharon too.

One of my fondest memories is of taking the bus to Easthampton in the winter of 1999 to visit her on Center St. The snow, the cold air, the warmth of an honest hug, and her big, bright smile. I will remember that always.

Happy Holidays to you and your little ones.

Ruth said...

One of my favorite ornaments was a stuffed vulture. We always had something silly on the tree, after I made a calico cat one year, and when it hung on the tree it looked like it was being literally hung. Giggles.

Anonymous said...

Peace and Holiday Cheer to you and your lovely girls!

Libby Spencer said...

Merry Christmas Ina. Peace and joy to you and the girls.