Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Trace

a portrait of the woman as a young artist

My friend, Trace, has written a lovely post about Mount Pollux, with a gorgeous photograph of the two trees.

Because most of the photographs I took there focused on one tree, I always remember the hill as having just one tree, right in the middle.

A long time ago, when I fancied myself a photographer, I did a series of self portraits posing with other people. My favorite person to work with was my friend, Nikki. She was always up for anything, including naked tree climbing. We had some wild times on Mount Pollux, but I did not know that other people played there, it was always just the magic hill behind her house.

Like Trace, October is my favorite month. I've got a big birthday coming up at the end of it.

And yes, I'm very old.

I look at these photographs and reconnect with my younger self.



Marian said...

those are gorgeous photos, ina.
and you are not old.

ina said...

Thanks, Marian. There is something magic about that hilltop.

hecatedemeter said...


Trace said...

Aw, very nice of you, Ina. Lovely, playful photos. Mt. Pollux really does have that liberating kind of energy, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing.

ina said...

Thank you, Trace. Last week was a nice time-machine. The great music Thursday night, especially the Figments, and looking through these old photographs, sparked my creative spirit.