Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama and the Sanctimonious

I'm feeling so discouraged, I sit here fantasizing about how to organize some action. I had visions of bank sit-ins. Then I thought of our country's for-profit health care system. For me, this is the most painful outrage of all, even worse than the obscene cash heist of the incredibly widening class divide. I can live a happy life without a lot of money, but I, and my family, can't live a happy life without adequate health care. It disgusts me that the rich fat cats in Washington, and their minions around the nation, can legislate death and misery for us, while basking in tax-payer-provided excellent health care for themselves. So I pictured hundreds of people showing up at the doctors' offices and hospitals that serve the wealthy, and sitting-in with our sole demand being equal treatment for our illnesses. Then this scene popped into my mind of the lepers hounding poor put-upon Jesus. "Don't crowd me!" he cries, and I hear Obama's whine.


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