Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Doctor Will See You Now

A righteous rant from my beautiful friend, racymind:

Being a physician is only so much about leveraging knowledge for income. It is more about leveraging power for income... just restrict the number of docs generated, poorly police the quality of your peers, buy off state leges with AMA type donations, indoctrinate medical students about their entitled status, don't worry about primary providers just pick the specialty that gives you the most income, manipulate the best paying patients to the institutions that are physician controlled and let the non-profits handle the working folks and uninsured, and then somehow someway we will all kiss the doctor's asses and feel privileged that we are allowed to pick them off of the lousy list of providers that our increasingly crappy soul-and-salary-sucking health plans cobble together.

What was I talking about before I got off track?


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