Thursday, June 3, 2010

100 in 100 2010--1, 2, 3

self portrait with left hand
pastel, 11 x 8 1/2 inches

self portrait
pastel, kids' paint, pen
11 x 8 1/2 inches

self portrait
pastel, 11 x 8 1/2 inches

Inspired by Rowena at warrior girl, on 1 June 2009 I began the 100 in 100 challenge: to create an artwork a day for 100 days. When I started, I didn't know I would end up doing all self portraits, but I decided it worked.

Last year, I hadn't drawn or painted regularly in years and years. So my goal was simply to complete the challenge of dailiness. What I ended up with was several works I was very pleased with, a few I would use to start fires if I had a wood stove, and many that were exactly what they needed to be: a record of that day's art.

As I Spring-cleaned my studio this year, I realized that not only is 100 works a whole lot of art (which is why I held the art auction at the end of last month to try to find homes for some of them before I recycle most of the rest), but also that I need this sort of challenge to keep myself on track, to give myself permission to make time to make art everyday.

So here I am again. Taking the 100 in 100 challenge. This time, I'm starting out with the notion that they will all be self portraits, but if something changes along the way, that's okay, too. And while my art skills are still quite rusty, my goal for this series is to complete 100 works in 100 days that feel like finished works. This means that I will allow myself to work on a painting for more than one day. Yes, I know you were told there would be no math, but here's the deal: last year, I did skip a day or two here & there and I ended up doing two or more drawings in one day to make up for it, so that I had a total of 100 works by the 100th day. This time I'm admitting upfront that I may miss some days and have to double up, and also, I may be working on more than one at a time.

Join me if you feel inspired. I really think making art a daily habit is worth it.

And here we go...


Rowena said...

Was that a year ago? Wow. I've been so busy I didn't realize the time had gone so swiftly.

I think about that now, and think... Oh I could never do that. But I did and I can.

Oh crap. Do I need to take this on again?

ina said...

Ha! I had a similar inner-dialogue when I thought about this. I have to say, though, I like the focus this 100 days gives me. And since the 100 days start in June and go through the summer, it's like my own private summer camp!

Rowena said...

I did it. I've joined you. But I have to catch up. I'm on day 9 or 10. So about a weekish behind. I want to start on June first though. It's a good day to start.