Monday, March 2, 2009

Parallel Universe Album Addiction

Yes, yes, I'm addicted. I have six more. You can friend me on facebook or join the group on facebook for other addicts, if you want to see all of them. I'm just gonna share one more here (for now)...

dope sheet -- understanding some things

Happy Snow Day!

random search here

random quote here

original photo here

an earlier attempt


Rowena said...

these look like fun. I don't know photoshop so I have avoided getting into the addiction.

It's funny how they all turn out to be really cool album covers.

ina said...

I don't know photoshop, either. But I am a professional time-waster, so when this meme crossed my path on facebook, I had to figure out a way to play. Someone in a click trail from m.heart's posted this link to an online designer...

...and that's where I've been hanging out for a week. At first, I didn't even know how to make the text work (how to move it around, etc.). I still don't know if I'm doing it right, but it's working. I don't know how to do anything fancy yet (add borders, turn text sideways, etc), but I'm having fun pressing buttons.

Also, my computer doesn't have any paint program, so my daughters are thrilled that I've discovered something like what they play with at school.

As for the addiction, for me, it's oddly like i ching, tarot, and other fortune casters--finding messages and connections in the randomly[??spooky music??] selected items, quotes, and photos.

Anything to put off organizing the studio and actually painting or writing songs.