Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parallel Universe Album, # 2

Great End came out of nowhere to take critics and crowds by storm. Some say they took their name from the Ray Mason hit, "I own the ending" (others, less generously, said it came from the lead singer's generous end!). Their debut album, Then We Met, was so heartbreakingly beautiful that most folks couldn't make it through the entire album without crying. It is said that all the sadness was autobiographical, which is perhaps why the duo broke up, in life and in music, just before the record's release. A great end, indeed.

This time I used my own photograph and this online program (though I don't know how to use it even well enough to delete something, so I had to rub it out in iPhoto!).


Libby Spencer said...

I like the twist of adding the critic's review.

ina said...

yes, it does make it even more fun :-)