Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vole Hunter

A couple months ago, my daughter was walking through the studio when she called out to me, "Mom, there's someone trapped in here." When I went to investigate, I found that a vole had somehow fallen or climbed into a wooden crate with slanted sides, and s/he couldn't climb out. Another, clearer thinker, might've covered the crate and taken the creature over the stream to the far woods. I took it the ten steps to my front door, stepped outside and tipped the crate gently over, letting the vole out.

Since then, there has been a vole happily exploring our house. It may not be the same one as the one I rescued. It may not even be the same one every time. But, it has come to seem almost like a pet.

Today, I tried to photograph it as it scurried its usual routes. My camera is too slow, and my reflexes aren't much better!

It was scoping out the cabinet.
When it heard me, it jumped through
the grill under the fridge.


This time I thought I had a shot for sure.
It was investigating something under the couch.
The damn camera was too slow!

A final attempt as it ran away,
passed the years-of-christmas-tree-stumps pile.

I spent several minutes with my camera at the ready, aimed at the vole's main pathway from music room to kitchen. The vole mocked me by sitting under the very couch I was on as it loudly crunched a snack.

Update I: a slightly better photograph.

Update II: trying again...


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