Sunday, November 16, 2008

For Catalexis

Marcellina has a lovely tribute to Catalexis up at her Practice Room.

It is strange to me that this man who was my friend I know visually only as Eeyore. I like this picture of Marcellina's, so I'm putting it here for Catalexis's spirit.



marcellina said...

I found it on google images! The originally actually did this sparkly animation thing.
I might be wrong but I think he once described himself as a big guy with long, red hair. When I heard that he once acted in a local "The Lion In Winter", then my own image of him was set.
Your blog is nice. I love the pic of you with your kids.

Chris said...

Physically, Geoffrey was slightly over 6 feet, broad at the shoulders and barrel-chested, with long red hair and a graying reddish goatee. He would not be described as "intimidating" by any stretch of the imagination, but he definitely had presence.

However, Geoffrey's frame couldn't contain the size of his heart nor conceal his genuine affection, devotion, and commitment to his friends.

I know that Heather and I are looking for a sense of closure, as there is/was no funeral. On that note, we have been looking around the Internet to collect old essays, blog entries, and so on that represent Geoffrey. I would be glad to receive any URLs/URIs or other pointers to his digital lifestyle. Heather found the name of his WoW clan/group. As another person commented, the 'net has opened up a new dimension to knowing, marking, and grieving for people, and as a bookish sort, this works its way through me by looking over writings that have Geoffrey stamped all over them.

Thank you for the kind comments, and over in the other blog. It is touching to see these things emerge and unfold.

Anonymous said...

Finally found a newspapery obituary for Catalexis here:

I confess to being mystified as to why his family waited so long to publish one.

I miss him.

-- Heather